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Cyril Devereux – 1911-2001

Cyril Devereaux

Cyril Devereux was CMRRA’s first General Manager and its long-serving Treasurer. He “retired” to CMRRA after an already long career in music publishing which saw him serve on a profusion of Boards of Directors and industry organizations. He was a stalwart friend to Canada’s songwriter and music publisher community.

Trained as an accountant, Cyril came to Canada after the Second World War at the request of the Dreyfus brothers to take over Chappell Music’s Canadian operation. Born in India, and raised in England, Cyril took well to his new home and went on to establish a family with his wife, Bobby. In 1975, after a long career with Chappell, Cyril stepped up to the plate to help establish CMRRA when Canada’s music publishers created the organization.

Over the years, Cyril took on one task after another, and always succeeded in delivering solid results for CMRRA’s clients. But his hallmark was his wisdom, his insight and most of all the warmth of his personality. He was a gentleman, a friend, a teacher and a class act in every way. This was a man who lived on his own terms and left everyone who came into contact with him with the feeling that they’d been treated with respect and care. He was like a father to us at CMRRA and we miss him every day.

Cyril retired from CMRRA in July 2001 at the age of 90. CMRRA has instituted an internal award in his memory: the Cyril Devereux Award is granted annually to the CMRRA employee who best exemplifies the commitment to client service, courtesy, professionalism and team spirit that Cyril exemplified. Read more about the award here.