CMRRA Direct for Music Publishers

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October 2015 – A new CMRRA Direct portal is now available to our publisher clients to provide direct, secure access to your work, licence and royalty information in our new License and Royalty Distribution System (LDS). This new portal will replace the CMRRA Direct interface you may have been using for many years, although the old portal remains available and separately accessible for certain licence and royalty related data while we continue the work of transitioning all of CMRRA’s operations onto our new LDS system. We appreciate your patience as we progress through this period of change and growth to better serve our clients with the increased efficiencies and transparency that LDS will provide!

Register/log in to the new CMRRA Direct site here. First time users should follow the “Register Here” link directly below the Email section on the form. For future visits to the site, as an approved user, you will be able to sign in directly using your email and password. Please note that this new site supports individual user registration and password control, so you must register as a first step to gaining access to the site.  Any credentials that you may have in place for the legacy CMRRA Direct portal are specifically for that site and will remain intact, so you should continue to use those to access legacy information.

FAQs and additional information and tips are accessible through the FAQ link located in the header section of CMRRA Direct. The FAQs contain important instructions and explanatory notes on how to navigate the site, and will provide necessary information for you as you review each section of CMRRA Direct.

Important information regarding content of the NEW CMRRA Direct: The new CMRRA Direct links directly to data in our LDS system, and therefore is tied to processes that were implemented as of January 2013 going forward. For information on the full list of data and functionality accessible via the new CMRRA Direct please follow this link.

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Important information regarding content of LEGACY CMRRA Direct – Historical licence and royalty statement information that was processed on our legacy system will be accessible only through this site. If you are a user of the original site, we recommend that you archive any information that you may need access to in the future, as this particular interface will be phased out in early 2016. For information on the data accessible via Legacy CMRRA Direct please follow this link.

Check this space often for progress updates and changes as we continue our transition of services to LDS.