CMRRA Direct for Licensees


This new portal has been designed to be a useful tool to CMRRA’s Mechanical Licensing Agreement signatories to facilitate the administration of their licences and royalty payment.

First time users should refer to these step by step instructions to set up a User Account. For future visits to the site, as an approved user, you will be able to sign in directly using your email and password. Please note that this new site supports individual user registration and password control, so you must register as a first step to gaining access to the site.

Going forward, CMRRA will cease issuing mechanical licences in paper form and will instead convey the granting of its licences via this CMRRA Direct portal. In turn, licensees will be required to process their licences (ie. accepting or rejecting) by updating the appropriate indicator on the screen.

This new approach to deliver our mechanical licences offers many benefits, such as:

1. A more efficient means to process licences that does not involve the manual handling and signature of paper documents

2. Access to an online database of all licences that have been issued via the portal, accepted and rejected, facilitating research and royalty accounting

3. A more complete and up to date picture of the copyright ownership information for each musical work and the status of any licences in process

4. A more efficient means to convey the reason why a licence is being rejected, including where the licensee has identified a possible ownership conflict with a third party

5. A means by which licence data can be exported in a spreadsheet to alleviate the need to manually retype information in your system

6. A reduction in mailing, filing and storage costs

Overtime, CMRRA plans to develop additional features and functionality to this portal to further assist our licensees with the licensing and royalty accounting process.

Register/log in to the new CMRRA Direct site here.