Welcome to CMRRA!

Founded in 1975, the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd is a music licensing collective representing music rightsholders who range in size from large multinational music publishers to individual songwriters. Together, they own or administer the vast majority of songsĀ recorded, sold and broadcast in Canada. On their behalf, CMRRA issues licences to individuals or organizations for the reproduction of songs on various media, as described below.

Licensees pay royalties to CMRRA which we, in turn, distribute to our rightsholder clients. The royalty rates are determinedĀ  pursuant to negotiated agreements or tariffs certified by the Copyright Board of Canada.

CMRRA offers the following licensing and royalty collection services:

  • Mechanical licensing, for the reproduction of songs on CDs, cassettes and similar physical products
  • Online music licensing, for the reproduction of songs related to music downloads, streaming and webcasting
  • Broadcast mechanical licensing, for the reproduction of songs by radio stations and satellite broadcasters
  • Private copying, for the collection of the private copying levy via the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC).

We invite you to view our FAQ pages to learn more about CMRRA and the services we provide.