Affiliation Agreement

Who Can Affiliate with CMRRA

Representation by CMRRA is open to any person, firm or corporation which owns or administers one or more musical works in the territory of Canada. For greater clarity, if you are a songwriter who has not assigned your songs (often referred to as copyrights, catalogue, or “publishing”) to a publisher, administrator, or third party, you are the de facto publisher and can affiliate with CMRRA under your own name, or under a registered company name, as applicable.

CMRRA Rightsholder Affiliation Agreement Kit

To learn more about our services, or to affiliate with CMRRA, please download a copy of CMRRA Affiliation Agreement.

Affiliation Checklist

Affiliation is a two-part process: 1) signing and returning the appropriate forms; and 2) registering songs.

1) Please return the follow pages of the affiliation agreement:

  • Part I: Affiliation Selection Checklist
    • “Name of Publisher” is the name under which you’ll be affiliating with CMRRA. If you do not have a publisher name, you may affiliate under your own name.
    • If a CAE/IPI Number has been issued to you as a publisher by your Performing Rights Organization (PRO), please include it. Otherwise, leave blank.
    • Ensure that appropriate affiliation boxes have been initialled and dated
  • Form ‘A’: Payment and Mailing Instructions form
  • Form ‘A.2’: Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form, if applicable
  • Voided cheque This is required if you are providing an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form (Form ‘A.2’).

2) A catalogue is a list of song titles to be registered for licensing purposes. It can be submitted in one of the following manners:

All affiliation forms and song registrations can be emailed to: If you’re unable to email the information to us, please either fax or mail the documents. Our fax number is (416) 926-7521, while our address is 56 Wellesley St W, Suite 320, Toronto, ON M5S 2S3.