Synchronization Licensing FAQ

What is Synchronization licensing?

Synchronization licensing is a term derived from the “synchronization of music with visual or other elements.” The inclusion of a copyrighted musical work in a film, television program or commercial requires the publisher’s permission, and this is granted in the form of a synchronization license. Each synchronization license is individually negotiated between the user and the music publisher. Although mechanical and synchronization licensing differ in several ways, they are both instances of the exercise of the reproduction right by the music publisher. Such permission must be obtained in advance of the manufacture of sound carriers or the exhibition of a film or other program incorporating copyrighted music. For further information on synchronization licensing, please contact the publisher(s) of the song you are using.

How do I obtain a synchronization licence?

CMRRA no longer provides synchronization licensing services (as of September 2012). To obtain a synchronization licence, you'll need to directly contact the music publisher or copyright owner of the song(s) you wish to use.